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  • We work with companies to increase sales.
  • We sell existing companies’ current products, services, and ideas.
  • We help companies gain market share when entering new markets.
  • We know how to create the right sales strategy, and increase sales fast.
  • We provide companies strategic sales direction from a VP of Sales POV.
  • We accelerate revenue by attaining sales goals.
  • We grow new companies by identifying new customers.



At Code2Revenue, we’ll help your company increase brand awareness, gain market share and exceed your revenue targets.

A Unique Sales Approach With no Risk

At Code2Revenue, we specialize in executive consulting. With 20 years of combined experience, we have fine-tuned successful sales models that withstand the test of time. Don’t reinvent the wheel—let us help you with lead generation, custom business strategies, sales development and management, solution selling, channel sales and more. We can either be your effective sales team, or help you build one. Within 3 to 4 months you will see growth and success.

How Code2Revenue Works

Code2Revenue can be your VP of Sales, Director of Sales, or Sales Manager on a full-time or part-time basis to:

  • Generate your business new leads.
  • Work potential clients.
  • Enhance you overall revenue.

By avoiding costly trial-and-error, full-time sales expenses, you’ll save money and time to focus on other valuable areas of your business. We start with an initial assessment to determine the best approach for your business, provide you with a road map, and enhance it together along the way.


VP of Sales in a Box

You have spent countless time and resources into perfecting your minimum viable product and it’s time to release it to the public. How do you stand out against your competition? At Code2Revenue, we’ll not only help you build awareness of your product, we’ll sell it for you.

VP Sales in a Box will help you with:

  • Strategy: validating & executing your go-to-market (GTM) strategy.
  • Operations: building contracts and commissions platforms.
  • Partner Blue Print: market research & obtaining the blue print to find the right partners.
  • Recruitment: Region, Segmentation, & Vertical.
  • Enablement: Code2revenue™ Training Program.
  • Certifications: ongoing technical & service certifications.

Sales Acceleration & Inside Sales Service

No matter what phase your business is in, Code2Revenue can help you custom-build the most effective and efficient sales team for your company. We have in-depth experience taking top-of-funnel marketing tactics and converting them into real, results-driven opportunities for your sales team. After years of testing various, top sales models, we have perfected the right approach to strategic sales with your business model in mind.

Sales Acceleration & Inside Sales will help you:

  • Develop a strategy to generate maximum revenue with your sales team or Code2Revenue’s team.
  • Develop observable, measurable, & repeatable, key performance indicators.
  • Build fun, exciting, & winning sales cultures that will volunteer their best.
  • Recruit, hire, train, & retain the right talent at the right cost.
  • Evaluate traffic & the quality of marketing and sales-qualified leads.

Code2Revenue Academy & Certifications

The hiring and training process can be stressful and time-consuming. The Code2Revenue Academy can help your business:

  • Attract & retain the best sales people in your industry.
  • Up-skill your team to a whole new level of performance.
  • Create a robust, self-sufficient sales engine.
  • Increase sales results.



We’re a team of highly engaged Sales VPs, Directors, Managers, & Sales Development Reps, who have worked together for years. We have sold for companies like Rackspace, Sprint, BMW, Porsche, Intuit, HSBC, Hostway, Cutco, & Vector Marketing.

We helped Rackspace grow from $100M to $2B in annual sales, and from 600 to 6,000 employees.

With over a million hours of trial and error between our teams,,we have developed proven sales processes that are repeatable, measurable, and scientific. We increased sales while maintaining the highest employee engagement. We have created countless award winning sales teams, who volunteered their best. Our goal is to improve the Alamo City by serving companies and individuals who want to change the world with their products, services, or ideas.

Are you ready to explore a new way to increase your sales?
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Alexander Gomez

Alexander Gomez


Alex is an award-winning executive with in-depth sales and marketing knowledge for building hyper-growth revenue engines. He is experienced in establishing engaged teams, selling across a portfolio of bleeding edge technologies within emerging markets. Through Code2Revenue, Alex has formed a model to help and serve business acceleration.

Rana McDonald

Rana McDonald


Rana is a natural leader with over 15 years of technology and business solution sales experience. During her five and a half years at a billion-dollar company, she was a recipient of numerous awards for building successful teams and driving revenue. Rana’s thoughtfulness and innovation continues to make positive and lasting impressions with clients.

Geoff Sheen

Geoff Sheen


Geoff is an award-winning communications professional for over 15 years, with multi-channel marketing, PR, and media experience. He has led his own start-up broadcasting company and worked with major brands like Yahoo!, iHeartMedia, and ESPN.

Jay Rebaldo

Jay Rebaldo


Jay is a natural-born leader and brings his high energy, intelligence, and strength as a motivator to the table. His experience in digital marketing, inbound/outbound, and channel sales strategies is supported by the success he has garnered for his clients, as well as Code2Revenue. Jay strives to make a positive lasting impact on everyone.

Khaled Saffouri

Khaled Saffouri


Khaled has been a successful business owner who started and sold a very profitable technology company. He is a big picture visionary and an executive leader with impeccable experience in many sales organizations in the EMEA, Latin America, and North America regions. Khaled is an impactful mentor and champion for Code2Revenue.


We have created meaningful and valuable partnerships with businesses in a various industries that are ready to work for you. Our partners provide the additional services your business may need to work with us to move to the next level and accelerate revenue generation.


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